The groundhog said that we can expect a longer winter, and the weather is listening.

According to the National Weather Service office in Paducah, the tri-state should be expecting more wintry weather on Tuesday. Officials say the storm should move in to the area around 2 PM on Tuesday, hitting the Evansville area around 3 PM.

Meteorologists are watching where the freeze line will stay, which will determine the extent of ice accumulation. The high in Evansville is expected to be 35 degrees on Tuesday, the low will be around 25 degrees.

With the storm expected to hit before the evening rush hour in Evansville, check out some safety tips on driving in winter weather. We will also post any closings or delays on this site as well.

This is expected to be a 12 hour event, so plan your evening accordingly. I plan on running my SUV for an hour just to try and kick start this "Global Warming" I hear so much about.

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