Mike Patton doesn't take shit from anyone, and especially not from Axl Rose — whose teleprompter he peed on when Faith No More were opening for Guns N' Roses in the early '90s, simply because he didn't like how they were being treated.

Faith No More were invited to open for Guns N' Roses during their 1992 tour with Metallica in support of their 1991 albums Use Your Illusion I and II. As noted in Michael Azerrad's Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana, Rose actually wanted Nirvana to open, but Kurt Cobain declined. 

GN'R were notorious for playing pranks on their opening bands, as Motley Crue and others had done to them when they were the youngsters. One instance happened in early 1992, when Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum took the stage completely naked while Soundgarden were opening for them, and they did... things with blow-up dolls as the grunge act played.

Needless to say, Rose likely wasn't expecting the favor to be returned. Patton recalled peeing on the GN'R frontman's teleprompter during a chat with Anthrax's Scott Ian, Paulo Baron and Regis Tadeu on an episode of Inside with Paulo Baron.

"One day I was like, so bored. It was just such a drag touring with those guys — I hate to say it," Patton admitted. "They treated us like shit. They paid us really well, but we were like really, just every day, looking for something fucked up to do."

"So one day, I just like took it out, and I pissed all over his teleprompter."

Of course, that ill-fated 1992 co-headlining tour between Guns and Metallica would end up featuring a lot of other unexpected occurrences as well.

Watch the episode below.

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