Sounds like Jerry Cantrell is a Mike Patton superfan.  The Alice In Chains guitarist was on former-U.K. DJ-turned-podcast host Matt Stock's Life In The Stocks and gushed about a possible collaboration with the Faith No More founder.

“Patton is sick,” says Cantrell (as heard in the player below), admiringly. “I love how versatile he is, the energy that he is, and he’s got so many different voices; I don’t think he’s ever satisfied, and that’s why he keeps swimming so fast. It’s amazing to see all the notes and the different art that he puts out.”

Someone should let Patton know. Cantrell says on the podcast that "he never has (jammed with Patton), but would love to."  Cantrell says he went to the 20 year reunion show of Mr. Bungle when they played in Los Angeles in 2020.

Cantrell sees himself as a bit of a kindred spirit with Patton. “I... took a little bit of a lesson out of his book by going it alone and making indie records,” he explains.

Patton is also no stranger to embracing a lot of different musical direction with a lot of different artists.  The singer formed Fantomas with Dave Lombardo on drums formerly of Slayer, and King Buzzo from the Melvins.

Hear Mike Patton With Fantomas

He's recorded vocals for The Dillinger Escape Plan. And with his project Peeping Tom, Patton partnered with Massive Attack, Dan the Automator, Kool Keith and many more. And let's not forget Dead CrossTomahawk, and of course, the band that pre-dated Faith No More, Mr. Bungle.

Hear Mike Patton With Tomahawk

But Patton may not be in any kind of headspace to consider a collaboration with anyone right now.  He recently canceled a bunch of tour dates with both FNM and Mr. Bungle this year due to mental health reasons, “issues that were exacerbated by the pandemic.”

We'll have to see if Cantrell can connect with Patton at a good time for everyone. Until then, take a listen to the podcast where you can hear just how pumped Jerry is at the thought of a potential team up.

Hear Jerry Cantrell on the Life in the Stocks Podcast

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