Get ready for an electrifying experience at the first FREE ROCK CONCERT of the Summer Entertainment Series in Owensboro, KY! Mark your calendars for Friday, July 7th, as The Four Horsemen - The Album-Quality Metallica Tribute takes the stage at the iconic RiverPark Center's Cannon Hall. This unforgettable and nostalgic tribute band will deliver an exceptional performance that will transport attendees back to the golden era of rock!

salisbury center via youtube
salisbury center via youtube

All ages are welcome to join for this remarkable event. Whether you're a die-hard Metallica fan or simply appreciate the raw energy and power of rock music, this concert promises to be a night to remember. The Four Horsemen are renowned for their impeccable musical talent and their ability to recreate the iconic sound of Metallica's classic hits.

The doors to Cannon Hall will open at 6 PM, so attendees are advised to arrive early to secure the best spots in the venue. The concert will kick off promptly at 7 PM, unleashing an energetic and high-octane set that will have the crowd on their feet from start to finish. Get ready to headbang, sing along, and relive the magic of Metallica's greatest hits, all performed with remarkable precision and passion.

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Don't miss this exclusive one-night-only performance by The Four Horsemen - The Album-Quality Metallica Tribute. It's an opportunity to witness a tribute band that truly captures the essence of Metallica's music and delivers it with an authentic and electrifying stage presence. Best of all, it's completely FREE!

Gather friends and family, and join the RiverPark Center's Cannon Hall for a rock concert that will leave attendees craving for more. This event is a celebration of the timeless power of rock music and its ability to unite people of all ages. Come and experience the magic firsthand on July 7th. Be prepared to be blown away by The Four Horsemen - The Album-Quality Metallica Tribute.

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