Today, Metallica's Through the Never hits the market on DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray, Video on Demand, as well as digital download through their label, Blackened Recordings.

Fans who never saw the movie in theaters will be in for a treat with an epic storyline through the eyes of a fan-turned-roadie named Trip, played by Dane DeHaan.

Trip is trippin'...
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The film was directed by Nimród Antal, who also co-wrote the story with the band, and it merges two worlds of a young man's struggle with a mind-blowing concert performance by the world's biggest metal band.

This DVD package also contains a very interesting in-depth documentary on the making of Through the Never and how this project took over two years and a $15 million budget to produce. The stage production you see in the movie cost $5 million alone, complete with mind-blowing visions that capture the essence of their artwork of their legendary albums. You get to see the blood, sweat, and tears that went into pulling this movie off, and it tends to deepen the appreciation of what Metallica is pursuing in this work.

Metallica shares the stage with "Doris"
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Metallica addresses the often-asked question of "What is the message of this film?", to which drummer Lars Ulrich simply states, "The message is there is no message." The band expresses desire for their fans to find their own connection with the spiritual challenges faced by Trip, a character meant to represent fans who possess what Lars calls the "Metallica way", to which he summarizes as not taking life for granted. A great number of folks who helped in the making of Through the Never get to share their thoughts on what this movie means to them as well, and there is an overall tone of "What's next?" for Metallica.

By the way, they just performed at the Grammy Awards; not a bad gig to have the week you put out a DVD. You can pick up your copy of Through the Never at your local video retailer today!.