Perv line #1: I would bet money that this is NOT the first time she's a big banana in her face. Perv line #2: I've got a banana I'd like to put in her face. Ok, I'm done. Feel free to leave more perv lines in the comment section.

I'll never forget the first time a saw Megan Fox in the first Transformers movie. I just couldn't get over how ridiculously hot she was. I'll never forget how that same hotness help get me through ridiculous storyline of Transformers 2. And I'll never forget her role in Jonah Hex...because I wasn't one of the 10 people that saw that movie.

Megan is in a new movie called Friends With Kids. It features a lot of great and funny actors, and I'm sure it will do really well. She was recently on the Ellen Degeneres show to promote this new movie, when Ellen decided to scare Megan with a dude in a banana suit. See that video below...and then below that is the red-band trailer for Friends With Kids.