For the first time since 2012, McDonald's is making the beloved McRib available nationwide! Every year, for a limited time, McDonald's brings back their iconic McRib sandwich but it's typically only available at select restaurant locations across the country but beginning December 2, 2020 it's back - across the entire US.

No one really knows if it's the tangy sauce, the slivered onions or the tart pickles that make this slab of seasoned pork tenderloin so craveable, but there is no doubt that the McRib has a loyal fan following. The McRib made it's debut in 1982 and while available year-round in Germany, for everyone else, it is "one of the most anticipated, limited-time menu items offered around the world." Pair it with the iconic McDonald's French fries and a large Coca-cola and you're set!

On a slight tangent... Does anyone else remember the McDonald's campaign from the late 80s that involved the square 45 records distributed in the Sunday newspaper? It was a recording of a teacher instructing a class on how to sing the McDonald's menu and if the class sang the song correctly beginning to end, without messing it up, you won the grand prize - $1,000,000. It was a sort of Willy Wonka & the golden ticket type contest. I can still sing a pretty good portion of the menu song, even now 30+ years later. It's amazing to me what can stick in your memory when you're just a kid. Obviously, I never found the winning record!

[Source: McDonald's]

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