Sometimes, impossible dreams come true.

It all began when Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon went all in on an obscure, absurd joke until it grew into an all-encompassing metaphor for the disappointment and frustrations of life. (As is the show’s wont.) In the recent opener for Season 3, profligate alcoholic scientist Rick speaks at length about his lifelong quest to track down some Szechuan Sauce, a discontinued condiment that McDonald’s packaged with McNuggets as part of a promotion for Mulan in the ’90s. (It makes more sense in context, but barely.)

The internet responded to this narrative “Only ’90s Kids Will Remember This!” post by matching Roiland and Harmon’s left-field obsession, selling 20-year-old packets of the viscous brown sauce on eBay and concocting their own mimic recipes just to get a hit of that sweet Chinese-ish goodness. Today, however, the universe has rewarded Roiland’s patience and perseverance. The writer tweeted yesterday that McDonald’s sent him a half-gallon jug of the rare Szechuan Sauce from Dimension C1998-M, where it is permanently the year 1998. The bottle includes a friendly note from “Chef Mike,” who explains that a few lucky fans will also receive the new batch of this revived flavor-enhancer.

I invite you now to take a step back and fully consider the reality of this situation. Not only did one man manage to air his bizarre decades-long fixation on a novelty condiment served for about a month 20 years ago as a significant plot point on television; his passion was so great that he singlehandedly willed in back into existence. This is a small, silly victory, and yet also an intensely meaningful one. Through nothing but sheer force of will — I’d go so far as to say love, even — that which does not exist can be made real. Follow your dreams, kids, and maybe you’ll get them to bring back Pepsi A.M.

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