Three Days Grace hit the road with Shinedown and POD, sans Adam Gontier, on Feb 1st. Since Adam announced his departure from the band, Matt Walst (lead singer of My Darkest Days and brother to Three Days Grace Bassist Brad Walst) stepped up to the plate and agreed to start and finish the tour in the place of Gontier. But the question remains: Is he pulling it off?

Well, last night the tour hit Nashville and so did my friends Katie and Liz as they celebrated their 21st birthday rocking out to these guys at the Bridgestone Arena. This morning I asked them how Matt Walst did filling in for Adam Gontier.

"Was he good? Was he bad? Are your ears bleeding for all the wrong reasons? Was he amazing? Overall, did he do a good job filling in for Adam?"

Katie loved him. "YES. YES HE DID. He was actually really good. Definitely not Adam, but the only person who's as good as Adam. Very nice."

Liz agreed with Katie and added: "I think he was completely aware of how much pressure was on him to perform and he seemed just so humbled by it all. He didn't try and replace Adam. It felt more like he was helping the band continue. It was exactly what I wanted from Matt."

So the conclusion I gather is: Matt Walst is doing a bad-ass job filling in for Adam. He doesn't sound exactly like Adam, but he rocks it out in his own way, which is just as epic.

There's still a lot more touring on the way for Matt, and there are people who have yet to hear him and I'm sure once they do they'll be putting in their 2 cents on the subject. But until then, I'm sticking with Katie and saying the Matt Walst is doing a "really good" job as the new temporary lead for Three Days Grace and I hope he continues to be just as awesome as the tour progresses.

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