Nobody likes moving, right? Sure, the thought of relocating to a different home or office is exciting, but the actual process of moving kinda sucks. Think about how big of a pain it is/was to move just your family - now imagine that on a much larger scale, like a whole friggin' business. I can tell you from personal experience, though, that the process isn't quite as bad when you know you're moving into a brand spanking new office. That's what happened to us a few years ago when we moved into our current home in the Fifth Third Building, and that's what will be happening soon to the folks who work at Marshall's in Evansville.

According to the Evansville 411 NEWS Facebook page, the department store chain will soon be heading a little bit further east and will set up shop next to Academy Sports on Burkhardt Road. The new Marshall's will be located at 1001 Hirschland Road and will be a part of The Village at The Promenade.

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This move was originally planned to happen back in 2020 but was delayed for obvious reasons. The new, tentative opening date is set for sometime in 'late 2021.'

Facebook/Evansville 411 News
Facebook/Evansville 411 News

What do you think about the decision to move, and maybe more importantly, the decision to build new, as opposed to occupying an already vacant building? Several of the people commenting on Facebook are not too thrilled about it. Here is some food for thought from the comment section...

"Plenty of empty buildings to put this in. This will be empty in a couple of years."

"...why do we need more buildings constructed when we have empty ones to be filled?"

"And empty storefronts abound. Traffic on Burkhart will just get worse."

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