The last several months have brought a barrage of business closing announcements. Most recently, we learned that Evansville's first-ever Chinese restaurant would be closing its doors.

Saying Goodbye To Several Are Businesses

Then there was the eastside restaurant that was closing but a new restaurant reopening in the same location, and this popular northside restaurant that closed due to "staff shortages." We even said goodbye to an Evansville brewery with the close of 2021 while some, like the Granola Jar closed just so they could reopen in a new location.

It Isn't Just Small Businesses That Are Feeling the Pressures

All of the businesses that we just mentioned are all local but small businesses are not the only ones impacted by the changing business climate that the last two years have brought upon us. It turns out major retailers and pharmacies have been hit hard too.

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CVS Will Close 900 Stores Nationwide

According to our friends at Evansville 411 News, CVS announced late in 2021 that they would be closing 900 of their locations nationwide. The closures are planned to take place in phases over the next three years with 300 locations expected to be shuttered in 2022 and one of those is located near a busy eastside Evansville intersection.

Which Evansville CVS Location Is Closing?

Even if you have never personally visited this particular CVS location, we would be willing to bet that you have driven past it. Located in Lloyd Crossing, at 101 North Burkhardt Road, near the intersection of Burkhardt Road and the Lloyd Expressway, the CVS store will be closing its doors for good on Saturday, February 26, 2022.

What Will Go In The Building Next?

CVS plans to close an additional 300 stores in phase two happening in 2023 and then another 300 stores will be closed in the final, third phase in 2024. At this time, there is no word on what business might replace the 10,500 square foot juggernaut that stands as the endcap to that strip of businesses.

What About My Prescriptions?

If you patronize that particular CVS pharmacy for your prescription drug needs, they say that all the current prescriptions will be transferred to the CVS location at 4700 Lincoln Avenue.

It Isn't All Doom & Gloom - New Businesses Are Cropping Up

Despite the number of business closings, there are still plenty of new businesses cropping up in Evansville too like the latest bar-cade in downtown Evansville, and the new proposed retail store on the city's northside. There is also the new restaurant heading into the former Wok & Roll building on Green River Road, and the pub and restaurant headed to the far northside.

[Source: Evansville 411 News]

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