It's March Madness, and we're ranking the stuff that really matters -- animals, cartoons, retro snacks and memes.

This is it – the Final Four!

The 'Animaniacs' gang continue bounding their way to the finish line while Dexter goes back to his lab. Daria didn't want to be part of your lame mainstream contest anyway, as Doug does the Dougie into the Final Four. In a battle of Mice and Men, Pinky & The Brain couldn't stand up to The Simpsons. And in a shocking upset, the foul-mouthed kids of South Park have beaten Batman to the Final Four.

So who's ready for ROUND THREE???

TheFW 90s Cartoon Characters ROUND 3
Christine Gritmon


Will the cuteness and charisma of Yakko, Wakko and Dot overshadow Doug’s everyman relatability, or will the pre-teen underdog win our sympathies? And which bulge-eyed cartoon posse will prevail, 'South Park' or 'The Simpsons'? Vote, and help us determine which TWO '90s Cartoons will make it to our final matchup!

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