We hope you are safe and well after last night's tornadoes and severe weather. A number of reports of damage have come in from around the area and 103GBF is included in those that sustained damage. We wanted to update you on what has happened and we ask for your patience and understanding as our engineering team works to have the necessary repairs made.

GBF Tower
Photo taken 3/28/2020 at the 103 GBF tower and transmitter site

Last night our transmitter site and tower in Henderson County Kentucky were struck by a tornado. The resulting damage included the roof being ripped from our transmitter building and our broadcast tower being knocked to the ground. While we wait for the equipment and tower to be repaired or replaced, we have switched over to broadcast our signal from the tower of one of our sister stations. At this time the high winds are causing some additional issues - mainly a bit of a skip periodically while listening to the station.

Again, we appreciate your patience as we work to get GBF back up and rocking like usual. In the meantime, if listening terrestrially isn't a desirable option due to our tech issues, please download our app and listen live. Due to not needing a tower to feed the stream, it should give you listening quality free from any natural elemental interference.

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