I went too far into the internet the other day and found this haunted gem...


Sometimes when I get bored I just go to a random website (Yahoo, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Tumblr, Twitter...) and I just type in a random search phrase. "Weird" "Recipe" "Cosplay" Basically any phrase that floats my boat that day.


The other day I hopped onto Ebay and thought "I wonder if anyone has any 'haunted' things for sale?" And the answer was a resounding YES. Mostly creepy dolls, though.


*Side note: Just because a doll is old and looks creepy, doesn't mean it's haunted.


*Extra side note: Not all Raggedy Ann dolls are haunted.


As I was scrolling through "haunted dolls" and things from "haunted estate sales" THIS popped up.



Ebay; scottsonic412
Ebay; scottsonic412


And I just about died laughing.


Are you trying to tell me...that a NEW shoe box is HAUNTED? You caught a ghost Ghostbusters style and keep it in a box? (But don't worry. It's a "friendly ghost".) The ghost logic of this thing alone made me laugh. What made it even better was when I clicked on the link.


The only seller notes given for this item is:

"Good ghost in good condition"


Oh, thank god! I was worried I would be paying for a $200 ghost in sub-par ghostly conditions.


And the only description is:

"Ghost trapped inside of haunted shoe box. 

(OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK)Really spooky and shakes at night."

A "friendly" AND "spooky" ghost? Well, this thing is just fun for the whole family!
I honestly want someone to buy this (you know, if you just have an extra $200 lying around) just so I can know what's inside. I'm almost 100% certain this thing is NOT haunted. But there HAS to be something inside, right? Like, a post-it note with a crudely drawn ghost on it. Or a ghost Halloween decoration or something.
I also just want to know if this guy is going to get the $200 he so desperately wants. So much so that he's willing to part with his precious Casper the Friendly Shoe Box.

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