A dinner out turned into a water rescue for one local man, who stepped up to help!


On Monday Evansville Police Department held a hiring and promotional ceremony to welcome new officers to EPD and hand out some awards. One local man received an award for his quick actions that saved someones life.

Brian Hoffman was recognized by EPD for his lifesaving efforts. He was dining at Golden Corral when he saw a truck drive into a lake nearby. He didn't hesitate and quickly jumped into action. His actions saved the driver of the truck's life.

On January 7, 2019, Brian Hoffman and his family were eating at the Golden Corral on Cross Pointe Blvd. when he saw a Ford F-150 truck drive into the retention pond just west of the restaurant. Brian went outside and observed the vehicle submerging and that the sole occupant, an older gentleman, was not able to get out of the truck. Brian reacted quickly and entered the frigid water to assist getting the man out of the truck. Even though the truck door would not open at first, Mr. Hoffman continued his efforts and was able to get the man out of the truck and safely to shore before the truck submerged completely. Brian Hoffman’s actions to step in immediately to assist a complete stranger in difficult conditions are worthy of this award. Outstanding.


The world could use more people like Brian. He not only saw something, he decided to do something. Because Brian sprang into action he ended up saving someone's life. Great job Brian! This award is well


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