This guy may have a drinking problem.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you to Danny Lee Bettcher. The 64-year-old from New York Mills, Minn. recently racked up his 28th DWI.

The most recent arrest occurred last week after he drove away from a VFW where he had been tossing back some drinks.

He remains behind bars on $100,000 bail while he awaits a court appearance on October 30. He's facing a maximum of seven years in prison, which is par for the course for a guy who's already done a four-year stint in the pokey for drunk driving and sent to rehab no fewer than 12 times.

Bettcher somehow hasn't been arrested for DWI since 2010, at which time he told the court, "I drink to get drunk." Perhaps someone should tell him that Uber is a thing.

This time around, Bettcher wouldn't undergo a sobriety test and told cops, "I am way over. Take me to jail."

The fact this guy, who has previously said he's dealing with PTSD from serving in the military, is basically the real-life embodiment of Nicolas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

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