As the weather gets warmer and restrictions begin to lift across the country, a lot of people will be moving outdoors. Honestly, is there anything better on a beautiful summer day than a walk through nature? I don't think there is and while not all of our favorite places to be in the wild are open back up yet, including Mammoth Cave National Park in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, they are still working behind the scenes for when they can.

I love being outdoors. I love nature and I love viewing wildlife, especially this time of year. You often hear of sightings of motherless babies in the wild whether it's a litter of wild rabbit kittens or a fawn curled up in the grass asleep. More often than not, those babies have not been abandoned and momma is usually pretty close by somewhere. The folks at Mammoth Cave shared a photo (below) of a sleeping fawn and took the opportunity to remind nature lovers that mom is very likely near by grabbing a bite to eat while baby naps in the grass. They also suggest using the "thumb rule" when viewing wildlife - if you hold up your thumb and it doesn't block out the entire animal, then you are very likely too close and should out some distance between you and the animal. This of course is as much for your own safety as for the safety of the animal. So enjoy taking photos of wildlife in it's natural setting but don't get too close!

There is no word yet on when Mammoth Cave National Park will be reopening to visitors. So for now, we just have to visit vicariously through Facebook. Mammoth Cave is home to over 400 miles of cave system making it the longest known system on earth.


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