Welcome to the Tri-State Townsquare Townies where we celebrate the most unique finds at local businesses and organizations in the area! With the Super Bowl right around the corner, we've been thinking hard about... SNACKS! And you know what they say, the bigger the better.The Crowded House, located in the heart of downtown Madisonville, has a pub pretzel bigger than... a large pizza, your car's steering wheel, even BIGGER THAN YOUR YOUR ENTIRE FACE.

Canva/The Crowded House
Canva/The Crowded House

First of all, thank goodness for social media!  I had never heard of Crowded House until my friend Leslie posted a picture of her giant pretzel she got on a visit one day.  It caught my eye and I had to know more about this place.

The pub is the only gastropub in town. They celebrate their 10-year anniversary this year. If you're a beer drinker, they offer sixteen different ones on tap and a super cool atmosphere to come and chill.

They are most notably known for the huge pretzel which is 12 inches in size and served with spicy mustard and cheese sauce.  They have tons of other food options and not just pub food.  This pescatarian was happy to see I could find something to eat too.

Crowded House Pub In Madisonville Has 12 Inch Pretzel

Many of the locals love to come and hang out on Friday and Saturday nights for their weekly entertainment and it's widely known as the bet date night in town. My husband and I love planning date nights to different venues so we'll be headed there soon and you better believe we'll be getting one of those big, fat, bready, salty, spicy, delicious pub pretzels! They are open Thursday afternoons through Saturday evening each week.

My momma and her best friend Debbie use to have a Food Bucket List of all the places they wanted to visit together.  I can almost 100% guarantee this place would be on it.

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