The wait is nearly over, it seems sooner rather than later we'll finally know who is playing Louder Than Life 2021. This year will absolutely be a special one after the plug, unfortunately, had to be pulled on Louder Than Life 2020 (thanks a lot COVID...). But good news, Louder Than Life is going to be back in 2021!

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Here's What We DO Know About Louder Than Life 2021

Louder Than Life is scheduled to take place on September 23, 24, 25, and 26 in Lousiville. The special four-day festival will no doubt be an exciting and huge return of the legendary rock festival.  LTL will take place at the Highland Festival Grounds at Kentucky Expo Center.  And possibly most exciting news so far, we know Mudvayne will be performing at Louder Than Life.   Loudwire announced in April that Mudvayne is reuniting and set to play four festivals, Inkcarceration, Louder Than Life, Aftershock and Welcome to Rockville.  So we DO know for sure we can expect to see Mudvayne on the lineup which will be awesome. We also can expect to see Machine Gun Kelly on the lineup, if you go to Louder than Life's website, they confirm we will see those two on the bill for sure.

The announcement on the Louder Than Life Facebook page shared what looks to be a Louder Than Life lineup poster with all the bands blacked out with the following caption:

We know it feels like the day will never come BUT mark your … full lineup coming in ONE week

The Facebook post was posted on Friday, May 7th, so it looks like Friday, May 14th, we'll finally have the full Louder Than Life 2021 lineup.

So who do you want to see on the lineup?  After having to cancel Louder Than Life in 2020 I have no doubt that this year's lineup will not disappoint.  Louder Than Life always has a jam-packed lineup, and I am sure this year will be the same. I'd love to also see Metallica come back and headline Louder Than Life like they were set to do in 2020.  It'll also be awesome to see Mudvayne return to the stage as well, that will be huge! Either way, I'm so excited to see what's in store for Louder Than Life 2021, and I can't wait to rock out!

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