When it comes to small businesses, it can be tough maintaining a competitive edge against the big national chains, but one Evansville, Indiana burger joint has stood the test of time for nearly three-quarters of a century.

All Burgers Are Not Created Equal

Look. When it comes to a good cheeseburger or hamburger, let's face it. Not all burgers are created equal and while some places pride themselves on super thick patties or fancy brioche buns, the classic thin-pressed ground beef burger will always reign supreme.

Burgers and Ice Cream

Honestly, I don't know if they are more famous for their burgers, soft-serve ice cream, or their crinkle-cut french fries, but one thing is for certain, Zesto's on Riverside Drive in Evansville has been around for a very long time. And while you won't find any air-conditioned seating, at this walk-up style restaurant, you will find a long-standing family tradition.

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A Family Affair

Zesto on Riverside Drive first opened its doors 70 years ago in 1952. According to Evansville Courier & Press, Zesto was a popular restaurant chain with locations across the country. Originally owned by a company that specialized at the time in frozen custard machines, as time went on, the restaurants were acquired by individual owners, including the Hardesty family that took over the Riverside Drive location in 1971. Eventually, the burger torch was passed to one of their children, Dan.

Happy Retirement But The Burgers Still Have to Be Grilled

Dan made the decision to retire and he sold the business, but fortunately, he was able to keep it in the family. According to Evansville's News14, Dan's brother Todd, and his wife purchased the business in early 2022.

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Celebrating 70 Years

Zesto on Riverside Drive is celebrating 70 years in business this month and they are commemorating the moment all month. They have special edition shirts for sale, and are also collecting rounded-up change for The Potters Wheel and collecting school supplies for Glenwood Leadership Academy.

It's a Party

On Saturday, August 20th, Zesto on Riverside Drive will host a birthday party to celebrate their 70 years. There will be food and ice cream specials and a portion of the sales from the day will be donated to the Glenwood Neighborhood Association and the Potters Wheel.


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