In the Evansville area it's safe to say we love our pizza, but just how much do we love it?  It turns out, we love pizza a whole lot because there are a LOT of delicious pizza joints around our area.  My husband and I are big fans of eating local.  If we go out to dinner, or order takeout we try our best to stick with locally owned and operated establishments. Recently we were looking to order some pizza, and we wanted to try someplace new, so I Googled pizza places in Evansville. I was shocked by how many pages came up! After combing through several pages of Google I found there are many locally-owned pizza places that we hadn't even heard of.

So I began compiling a list for the ultimate Evansville pizza tour. My goal is to eventually hit every one of these places and try them out!  One thing I learned when compiling this list, is in the Evansville area, we really love our cracker crust. Una-style pizza seems to be a favorite, and I get why. A thin crust piled high with the right toppings is a delicious combination.  There also really isn't much mention of a deep-dish style pizza in the area, but that's okay we can leave the deep dish to Chicago.

So below you'll find a huge list of locally owned pizza places in Evansville, I encourage you to try a new pizza place out the next time you get some 'za.  And hey if I missed any other locally-owned pizza places, it wasn't my intention! Please email me ( and I'll be sure to get you added to the list!

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