I'm gonna keep it real witcha...I love the 90's at Nine! And not just because I'm the host and I love myself. No, I love that hour of 90's rock because it's an hour of nothing but 90's rock. In my opinion, the 90's gave us some of the best rock ever, and I get to play some of those oft forgotten gems. YAY!

So many of my life's most memorable times were in the 90's...(in no particular order) high school, college, getting laid for the first time, starting here at GBF, meeting my wife, etc.

One of the most recognizable bands from the 90's is LIVE. They've given us some radio staples that will never go away, like 'I Alone' and 'Lightning Crashes'. They've also given us great, quirky songs that you'll only hear during a show like the 90's at Nine. Their song 'Freaks' is one example. I found this video this morning. Ed is such a 'freak'...it's just awesome!