For A VERY BRIEF WINDOW OF TIME you can get a LOT of LEGO's for very little money.

The LEGO brick was invented by Godtfred Kirk Christiansen in 1958. So, in honor of LEGO's 60th anniversary, Walmart is selling a classic LEGO bundle at 1958 prices.

FOR THREE DAYS ONLY (Sat. Feb 3rd, Wed. Feb 7th, and Sun. Feb 11th) you can get a 538-piece LEGO Classic Creative Building set and LEGO Classic Sand Baseplate for $5.65. That's almost a penny a piece!

(A 484-piece LEGO Classic Medium Creative Box at today's pricing in $27.99, to put it in perspective...)

A limited edition windmill set and truck set will also be release later this week (Feb 5th and Feb 9th)

NOTE: While the price of LEGO's may have changed over the years, the pain of stepping on them has not. Sorry.

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