As the coronavirus continues to spread travel is seeming like less and less of a good idea. A lot of us, particularly those who always seem to have that travel bug, are getting restless so how can we experience new things outside of our own personal bubble without traveling and risking exposure to Covid-19? The internet!

I love to travel and I crave adventure. I have a deeply rooted sense of adventure and I start to get restless when I can't take a trip or experience something new. The pandemic has really put a damper on my adventuring though. Normally by this point in the year, I've been on several adventures, trips or weekend getaways but sadly, not in 2020. So if you're like me and that travel bug is really starting to make you itch, you're in luck. While we may not be able to go in person, we can still adventure and explore some pretty amazing places.

The National Park Service has a number of digital opportunities to connect you with nature and the outdoors all from the comfort of indoors. According to the NPS, "There are enough activities to keep you occupied for days!" So where do you begin? Visit to get started where you can find a calendar of virtual learning experiences, park activities you can do at home, take a virtual tour or watch one of the many live nature webcams including the Grizzly Ridge webcam from the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park and the webcam from El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. There are plenty of ways for you to "get out" for an adventure even if you have to stay indoors. Check out all the National Park Service has to offer!

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Cannaley Treehouse Village in Ohio

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