So DJ Ashba, the lead guitarist for the band Sixx: AM, is pretty dope. He demonstrates that on the band's new song 'Lies Of The Beautiful People'. He shreds pretty much throughout the whole song. And now he's giving you the chance to do the same.

In the video below, he walks you through the entire song...showing you his guitar parts in normal speed, and then slowed down. It's pretty amazing stuff! I especially enjoy the cameo by the little doggy. If you fancy yourself a guitar player, you may be able to learn a thing or two. If you have absolutely NO guitar skills (like me), you can just be amazed and have a new appreciation for what this guy can do.

The new album from Sixx: AM, called This Is Gonna Hurt, will be in stores on May 3rd. You can hear this song on 103GBF and see the video here on our site.

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