The cover is on the boat. The swimsuits are packed and put away. And that sunscreen will sit in the bathroom cabinet until next spring. It was fun visiting Kentucky Lake this summer, wasn't it?

Well, Land Between the Lakes isn't done with you or any of the rest of us. Land Between the Lakes is NEVER done. The holiday season is loaded with great reasons to head back to the lakes for a fun getaway.


The Home Place 1850s at LBL is a working farm that figuratively takes visitors back in time and shows them how a farm operated in the middle part of the 19th century.

There are events and activities at the Home Place throughout the year, and the holiday season is no exception. On Saturday, November 26th, you're invited to "Christmas at the Home Place" where you'll learn how to make homemade Christmas decorations, enjoy old Christmas songs and stories, and just see how an old working farm looks at Christmastime.


It really DOES feel like we're traveling through time. From the 1850s, we zoom ahead 30 years to Grand Rivers KY and Patti's 1880s Settlement. It's right there in the lake area. And you KNOW Patti's does it up right for the holiday season.

But this Tennessee family wasn't done...


We have our fair share of eagles in this part of the country and Land Between the Lakes is replete with them. While this wouldn't fall under the category of Thanksgiving OR Christmas, it's still happening during the holiday season, and it sounds amazing. With so many bald eagles migrating to the lake area for the winter, you should take advantage of eagle viewing tours at the Woodlands Nature Station.


We're staying with an ornithological theme by counting our chickens before they hatch. No, we're not doing that, but we're talking about a Christmas Bird Count, and I couldn't resist. For more than 100 years, this event has allowed regular folks like you and me go out and do exactly what it says--count birds. That's really it. You'd start at the Woodlands Nature Station and then take the entire day or just part of it. Volunteers watch and listen for birds and report their findings.

It will all be turned over to the National Audubon Society which will use the information to better protect and preserve the populations of our fine feathered friends.

Bonus points if you find a partridge in a pear tree. (Just kidding; despite the fact we sing about them every year, partridges are not native to the United States.)

Patti's 1880's Settlement in Grand Rivers, Kentucky

Patti's is an amazing place to visit all-year long.

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