My parents' friends Chester and Juanita Riley had a big old closet where they kept toys for when their grandkids would visit.

Well, they were also available to me and my sister. And we'd make a beeline for the Tinker Toys. Remember Tinker Toys? I certainly hope so. Oh the things I built.

At home, I had all kinds of Lego sets (I guess back then, they didn't cost an arm and a leg like they do now) and, again, I built all sorts of things...that made no sense because I just stuck the Legos together and hoped for the best.

I also had an erector set, which was a little more difficult to deal with; a chemistry set that concerned my mother, even though all I ever did was make stuff foam; and Lincoln logs, which I was actually GOOD at using.

And THAT, ladies and gentleman, was "interactive" when I was a kid.

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The new Kids Discovery Factory which is coming soon to Batesville, Indiana will be far more high-tech, but no less fun.

And, yes, it really is a factory for kids, which is awesome. I would've LOVED something like that. Check out the design:

The Kids Discovery Factory offers a STEAM Enrichment Day Camp each July for kids ages 0 through 14 years of age. And, by the way, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. And it's all interactive.

Lots of exhibits. Lots of galleries. An Innovation Hub. A two-story STEAM Climber. It's all there. It's all educational. And, of course, it's all going to be so much fun.

It's currently under construction and I found no timetable for its completion, but it looks like it will be an absolute blast.

Full STEAM ahead.

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