Benjamin Franklin once famously said, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes." Over time, that quote has been altered a bit to suggest those two things are the only guarantees in life. Personally, I think there's one more thing that could be added to that very short list — stress. Regardless of how great your life is, there are and will be moments when you'll get overwhelmed, or things won't play out the way you want them to. For residents of Kentucky, that's apparently the case more times than not according to a recent study.

There are several factors that can cause stress for even the most laid-back person. Money is generally high on that list especially these days when prices for everything seemed to keep climbing, but the amount of money we bring home with our paychecks does not. Work and family issues also bring their fair share of stress-inducing moments. There are jobs to do and deadlines to meet. The kids have practices and games, and sometimes it feels like a 24-hour day isn't enough time to get it all done.

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Same, girl. Same.

Kentucky Ranked as One of the Most Stressed States in the Country

A recent study from WalletHub took a look at "41 key indicators" to determine which states were the most stressed. Those key indicators were separated into four different stress-related categories; work-related, money-related, family-related, and health and safety-related stress. For example, average hours worked per week, commute time, and job security all fall under work-related stress, while median income and housing affordability fell under money-related. Separation and divorce rates were included in the family category, and mental health and physical activity were included in health and safety.

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After the numbers were crunched, Kentucky ranked as the eighth overall most stressed state in America with money-related and health and safety-related stress being the driving factors behind its ranking. Both categories ranked in the top 10 with the state landing at number eight when it comes to money-related stress and fifth in health and safety.

If it's any consolation, life isn't any more carefree in any of Kentucky's neighboring states. Indiana landed at 19 while many of the surrounding states in the south and southeast landed inside the top 20. Misery loves company, right?

Although, if you would like to get rid of some of that stress, maybe a move to Minnesota would help. The Gopher State was the least stressed state in the country with each of its categories ranking in the bottom 10. My guess is they're too busy trying not to freeze to death to be stressed out about anything else.

[Source: WalletHub / National Constitution Center]

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