When it comes to our pets, many of us will do anything to ensure that our beloved four-legged companions live a long and healthy life but would you relocate? One Kentucky city ranks among the most pet-friendly in the country, making it a purr-fect place to call home.

How the Scores Were Calculated

In a recent study, WallHub ranked the 100 most populated cities nationwide based on pet-friendliness. Calculating data from three different areas - pet budget, pet health & wellness, and outdoor pet-friendliness. Each of those areas was broken down into 23 metrics like the cost of veterinary services, the number of veterinarians and pet caretakers per capita, as well as the cities' walking scores, and how many dog parks per capita each city has. Those metrics were each graded on a 100-point scale and the results were tabulated.

Most Pet-Friendly City in the United States

The most pet-friendly city for animal lovers is Scottsdale, Arizona with a total score of 63.70. While the city ranked number 77 for Pet Budget, placing it on the higher end for expenses like veterinary care, and pet insurance premiums, it ranked #1 for Pet Health and Wellness and #8 for Outdoor Pet-Friendliness.

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Least Pet-Friendly City in the United States

The least pet-friendly city, according to the study is Baltimore, Maryland. Taking the #100 position on the list with a total score of just 40.54, Baltimore ranks #68 for Pet Budget, eleven spots ahead of Scottsdale in that area. However, the city took the #96 spot for Pet Health and Wellness, and #59 for Outdoor Pet-Friendliness.

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Kentucky Cities on the List

Meanwhile, in the Bluegrass State, the city of Lexington ranks as the best Kentucky City on the list of Best Pet-Friendly Cities in the Nation. It faired much better than the other Commonwealth city included in the study - Louisville ranked #60 out of 100.

Best Pet-Friendly City in Kentucky

Lexington ranked tenth overall for Pet Budget and 8th for Pet Health and Wellness. When it comes to Outdoor Pet-friendliness, Lexington came in near the bottom of the list in the #94 position. The city earned a total score of 56.02 in the study, earning it the #13 position and making it the most pet-friendly city in the entire state of Kentucky.

To learn more about the study and methodologies used to calculate the rankings, visit WalletHub.

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