History was made in Kentucky this week, as the commonwealth will soon be able to offer medical cannabis for patients in need.

Medical Cannabis Already Legal in Kentucky - Sort Of

As of January 1, 2023, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear made it legal for Kentuckians with certain medical conditions to use medical cannabis. There are twenty-one different conditions that have been approved including cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, terminal illness, and more. Now, you can't purchase medical marijuana in Kentucky, so patients that qualify have to travel to a state like Illinois to buy it. But once Bill 47 passes the house and is signed by Governor Beshear qualifying patients will be able to get the help they need in Kentucky.

It is expected to pass the Kentucky House and then Beshear is expected to sign the measure into law.

Democratic Candidate Andy Beshear Projected Winner Of Close Race For Kentucky Governor
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Executive Order for Kentucky


Here are some of the specifics from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's current Executive order.

The medical cannabis shall have been lawfully purchased in a jurisdiction within the United States of America but outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The individual shall produce a written proof of purchase that shows the place of purchase, the physical location of the place of purchase, and the date of purchase. The amount of medical cannabis in the individual's possession shall be a legal amount under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the purchase occurred but shall not exceed eight (8) ounces. The individual or the individual's caregiver shall produce a written certification by a healthcare provider who is licensed to practice medicine in the Commonwealth of Kentucky or in the jurisdiction of the individual's residence and is in good standing with the appropriate licensure board within the Commonwealth of Kentucky

Kentucky will be the 38th state to regulate medical cannabis production and distribution

Senate Bill 47

After Bill 47 passes through the final hoops, medical cannabis will be legal for patients that have medical conditions, and it will be able to be regulated.

  • Patients will be able to have a 10-day supply with them, and a 30-day supply at their residence.
  • The legislation does not allow for inhaled cannabis & does not allow patients to home-cultivate their own cannabis
  • After the bill passes it will not go into effect until 2025
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