Outside of Christmas and Halloween, my front yard, when I was growing up, never featured anything more--in terms of fun, decorative items--than a bench swing under a big old box elder and the occasional croquet wickets.

And yes, you are right, that swing and those wickets hardly count. But I felt like I had to come up with something if I'm going to write about a very clever dad and his love--and his FAMILY'S love--of the Golden Arches.

What Happened to the McDonaldland Characters?

Recently, I had a conversation about how we just don't see those McDonald's characters anymore. At one time, you simply did not see a commercial without them in it. But no, they have all but disappeared.

And then, next thing you know, McDonald's is celebrating the birthday of ONE of those iconic characters.

Kentucky Man's McDonaldland Yard

That must have been a red letter day--wait, make that a PURPLE letter day--for Louisville's Joe Fleig. He and his family are huge fans of McDonald's. In fact, they'd sometimes visit the iconic fast food restaurant up to five times a week. That, my friends, is love and devotion...not to mention a lot of delicious fries, QPs with cheese, and Egg McMuffins.

So what does a Louisville dad do to show the world that kind of love? Why...he converts his yard into his very own McDonaldland.

I'm sure I'm not going out on a limb when I suggest that Fleig may well have turned his yard into the most popular yard in the neighborhood.

His daughter, Katie Farley, indicates that it's nothing for him to be off to who-knows-where picking up a Hamburglar or a Mayor McCheese in some shape, fashion, or form. And seriously, when you step back, you totally get it. This man is a collector and a passionate one, at that.

According to WDRB-Louisville, Fleig is hosting a car show at his McDonaldland. So if you're there this weekend, you might be able to check it out.

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