Kat Mykals
Kat Mykals
Today marks the 15 year anniversary of the death of Dimebag Darrell.

Back in 2011/12 I spent New Years in Texas. More specifically, I spent New Years Eve in the legendary Rail Club in Fort Worth. Don't know about the Rail Club? It's home to Texas Metal Music. In fact, The Rail Club is where Pantera got their start. So after spending New Years Eve watching a 7 band line-up, including Texas Metal act Warbeast (RIP Bruce Corbitt from Rigor Mortis) from Housecore Records (Phil Anselmo), what better way to spend a lazy New Years Sunday, than trying to find the final resting place of the one and only Dimebag Darrell Abbott?

If you don't know, Dimebag was layed to rest in Arlington, Texas, which was about a 15 minute drive from where I was staying in Fort Worth. Think driving from Evansville's Westside to Newburgh. That's about how far away it was. After a few quick references on my smartphone, and thanks to google maps, I was able to easily find Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Finding the cemetery was easy. Finding the actual gravesite itself proved to be a little more difficult, but after another quick reference to my smartphone, I was able to find it quietly resting near the pond and fountain. It was really rather moving to be near such greatness that was taken from this world far too soon.

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