I recently received an intuitive reading and I was completely blown away!

Kat & Madame Faye
Shawn Kennedy

On Saturday, I was the emcee for a charity event to benefit It Takes a Village Canine Rescue and one the "happenings" during the event were psychic readings with Madame Faye. Now, I had never had a psychic reading. I've never had my palm read or a tarot reading. It was never that I wasn't open to it or anything like that. I am open to all forms of the metaphysical and I pride myself on being really open minded to things like that. It was just that the opportunity had never really presented itself. Until Saturday...

It was almost time for me to leave the event when I spotted Madame Faye sitting at her table. I knew I had to have a reading. Shawn was there with me and I just kept having to look at him because I was so taken aback by the things Madame Faye was saying. She knew all kinds of things that were pinpoint accurate about my past and my childhood. She did give me a little insight into my health and how I can better care for myself in the future too. But the things that she said about my childhood really shook me to my core. They were dead on and it was uncanny. If you've ever considered having an intuitive or psychic reading, you can visit with Madame Faye at one of her two Evansville locations - on 6th street, Downtown, just down from the Ford Center or on Washington Avenue behind the new Schnucks complex, across from Sears.

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