2020 has taken its toll on things like community events and fundraisers but our friends at Hangers and the EVSC are rolling with the punches that this pandemic has thrown. This year, the annual Scooping for Students will take place virtually rather than in person. See normally, I'd be serving scoops of ice cream at Baskin Robbins to benefit Hangers but this year, we're going virtual.

Hangers is a program designed to help children in need in the EVSC get clothes for school. See, there are kids that go to school in the EVSC who don't have even the most basic of things - think socks and underwear... and the last thing that any child should be concerned with is whether or not they have clothes to wear to school. But again, for too many students in the EVSC, that is a very real concern. It is hard to concentrate on your school work when your clothes are too small or your shoes don't fit right. Hangers works to help these students by allowing them to come in and "shop" for the things they need - shirts, shoes, pants, dresses, bras, underwear, socks, accessories like gloves and hats for when it's cold. The very things most of us take for granted, these children need and you can help.

To leave a tip for me (donate to Hangers) by visiting their website. Be sure that you enter "Team Kat Mykals - Celebrity Scoop" in the comment section of your donation. I don't get anything from the money donated but I do get bragging rights if I raise more tip money than the other folks that are participating including Bobby G & Liberty from My105.3 and Ryan O'Bryan at WKDQ.

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