Tuesday here on WBKR, Angel and I shared a really fun phone number with you.  It's the Just Scream hotline, which invites you to call in and literally SCREAM your face off.  LOL!.

The hotline is the brainchild and creation of Chris Gollmar, who, according to the Just Scream website, is a "teacher, occasional artist and a generally rather quiet person."  Well, trust me when I tell you.  When Angel and I dialed the hotline, we weren't quiet at all.  In fact, as soon as she heard the proverbial beep, Angel launched into her trademark meltdown and screamed, "I AM GONNA FREAKING LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE IT."  It was hilarious.  As a matter of fact, we called the number live on the show and had so much fun screaming into the phone that we called back again.

If you'd like to like call the Just Scream hotline, do it!  The number is 1-561-567-8431.  What you're asked to do is quite simple.  Wait for the beep,  Scream.  Hang up.

Each day, JustScream.baby loads all the audio they receive and you can literally sit down and listen to other people screaming their heads off and releasing all that bottled up energy and anxiety.

Now, here's a slight kicker.  If you haven't had the chance to use the hotline yet, TODAY'S THE LAST DAY!  The project is only in operation through January 21st.  So, if you plan to release a primal scream today, you better call 1-561-567-8431.  And, as the website says, "Don't worry!  There is no live human on the other end of the line."  LOL!

Happy screaming, Baby!

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