We have had some really weird weather in Southern Indiana this week. Remember when it was close to 80 degrees, then we had the threat of severe weather? Oh, then we had a little sleet and freezing temperatures.

Why is My Car So Dirty?

If your vehicle was outside this week, you might've noticed that it was strangely dirty even after it rained. Well, you're not alone! This week, Southern Indiana has been playing host to a bizarre phenomenon – mysteriously dirty cars.

PHOTO: W. Hart
PHOTO: W. Hart

But here's the twist: it's not your usual mud or pollen. Turns out, the culprit is way more unexpected. Wildfires raging in the Texas Panhandle have kicked up smoke and the powerful jet stream has carried those tiny particles all the way to us here in the lower Ohio Valley.

Dirty Rain...Dirty Rain

Wayne Hart shared the interesting info on social media. This "dirty rain" is leaving an ashy residue all over our cars. It might not be the most picturesque scene, but hey, it sure makes for a wild weather story.

His post has been shared almost 3,000 times, so I'm pretty sure that the car washes will be packed this weekend.

 If those Texas wildfires keep burning and winds stay strong, this dirty rain trend might continue. Think of it as a little reminder of how interconnected our weather systems are – and a chance to appreciate the power of nature, even when it leaves our cars a bit dusty!

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