The once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse is Monday, April 8. 2024. I'm sure that you've heard that humans need special eclipse glasses to view this amazing spectacle. Then I started wondering about our dogs and cats that might be outside during the totality. What if they look up? Will it damage their eyes?

Could Trigger Anxiety

If your doggie or kitty cat gets anxious during thunderstorms or when fireworks are going off, it is very possible that the sudden change in daylight could have the same effect on them. If you will not be home during the totality of the solar eclipse, it's a good idea to leave out toys or treats that comfort your fur babies. If your pets are outside, make sure they are microchipped just in case they get scared and try to run away.

Do not bring pets to crowded Solar Eclipse Events. 

PHOTO: cat glasses eclipse | CANVA
PHOTO: cat glasses eclipse | CANVA

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Nappy-Nap Time

Some animals will just think it's time for bed. If they are used to sleeping in your room, make sure the door is open, just in case they want to take advantage of nap time. My dogs enjoy napping through the day, and getting up to bark at people or cars going by our house. I assume it will be business as usual for them. But if they sense that something is odd, they might go and hide in their little safe spaces.

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Pet Eclipse Glasses

I can't say that I've ever seen my dogs just staring at the sun. I could see my dogs being the only two that ever stared at a total solar eclipse. If something weird is going to happen, it will happen to me, so why not my dogs, too?

Erica Cartmill is a professor of anthropology, animal behavior, and cognitive science at Indiana University, and she is doing a lot of research before, during, and after the total solar eclipse. She tells People Magazine that our pets probably won't need eye protection.

"I don't think that owners need to get their pets eclipse glasses. If they are staring at the sun, maybe distract them a little bit. Brief looks are fine. We don't want to encourage staring."

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Still Need Eclipse Glasses?

Our friends at It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue are selling certified eclipse glasses. For a $10 donation to ITV rescue, you will receive an Eclipse Shades for safe solar viewing. And I mean, it wouldn't hurt to buy extra, just in case your pets are a little weird, like mine, and could decide to stare directly at the sun.

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