2024 has already been a history-making year for politics in Southern Indiana. Stephanie Terry was sworn in as the first woman and African-American mayor of the city of Evansville on January 1, 2024.

New Appointments

Along with a new city leader come changes to the mayor's administration.

Live Video of Mayor Terry's Appointments

New Police and Fire Chief for the City of Evansville, Indiana

The city of Evansville has a new Police Chief and Fire Chief. Mayor Terry has appointed Phillip Smith as the Police Chief. Tony Knight has been named Evansville's Fire Chief.

Who is Phillip Smith?

Phillip Smith was appointed the Assistant Evansville Police Chief in January of 2021. Chief Smith joined the Evansville Police Department in 2013. In January of 2027, Smith went from motor patrol to the Special Projects Coordinator. Smith did consider running for mayor in September of 2022.

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Phil Smith via Facebook
Phil Smith via Facebook

Who is Anthony 'Tony' Knight?

Chief Tony Knight is no stranger to the Evansville, Indiana fire department. He has been serving the area for 21 years. He is well respected within the community. Knight was named Green River Kiwanis’ 2018 Firefighter of the Year, among other accolades.

Photo: Evansville Fire Department / Mayor Winnecke Facebook
Photo: Evansville Fire Department / Mayor Winnecke Facebook

What's Next for Former Evansville Police Chief Billy Bolin?

Billy Bolin has announced that he will be retiring this year.

Growing up on the southeast side of Evansville, I never dreamed I would someday be the Chief of Police. Had I done it for one day, it would have been the honor of a lifetime, and to do it for over twelve years has been the ride of a lifetime. I will be running out my accrued time off and retiring from the Evansville Police Department at the end of March. As this chapter ends, I’m not sure what lies ahead, but I’m optimistic about my future. I have said for years that I hope Phil replaces me as Chief and today is that day. I will be a phone call away when/if he ever has a question and he will remain one of my closest friends. I wish him nothing but the best and he has my full support.
Evansville Police Department T. Merriss
Evansville Police Department T. Merriss

Evansville Police Officers Walk the Beat, Getting to Know Their Neighbors

This year the Evansville Police Department has really stepped up its efforts to get to know the citizens they serve. Walking Wednesdays is a great way for law enforcement to be seen in neighborhoods and to meet the residents and hear their stories.

Gallery Credit: Liberty

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