I've written a lot about all the filmmaking activity in Kentucky over the last couple of years. It's an exciting time, seeing Hollywood creators head to the Commonwealth to take advantage of rich, cinematic location shooting AND a tidy little tax break that makes it more affordable.

Just last year, two-time Oscar-nominated actor Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Boyhood), also now a director, wrapped shooting in Louisville, Shelbyville, and Frankfort for his film about controversial author Flannery O'Connor. Ironically, it's called Wildcat but has little to do with Kentucky. The first trailer came out two months ago; the film is currently in limited release.

Back in 2022, folks thought Katy Perry was planning on taking up permanent residence in the Commonwealth after hearing her speak so highly of Kentucky. She lived here a few months while her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, was filming the crime thriller Red Right Hand in Campbellsburg, Shepherdsville, and New Castle. The film was released digitally on February 23rd.

Twenty years ago, who would have thought Atlanta would become another Hollywood? But now, Georgia's capital and largest city is a major filmmaking hub. Every episode of The Walking Dead was filmed there. Several blockbusters--including Marvel Cinematic Universe productions--have also filmed in Atlanta.

It's all because of a tax incentive that has made Georgia an inexpensive location to make a movie. And that is now happening in Kentucky, and I am here for it. Additionally, plans are in the works for a $65 million studio in Louisville. We're in exciting times here in the Commonwealth.

But it isn't anything new, as the following lists of other films shot wholly or partially in Kentucky prove.

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