I love mushrooms. Bring 'em on and then PUT them on everything, because I love them all. Well...not ALL. I'm not a fan of the poisonous ones, but there are guides to steer you away from those should you decide to go mushroom hunting.

Speaking of mushroom hunting, is this a new thing? I've only recently heard mention of the activity and I, for one, think it sounds awesome. And, apparently, Kentucky is the place to do it, or it wouldn't have come highly recommended by a Texas foodie site.

If you ARE a mushroom lover like me, I get the fascination with Kentucky which is home to wonderful varieties like morels, chanterelles, honey mushrooms, and oyster mushrooms, among others.

And so I guess it makes sense, then, that Kentucky would also be home to a mushroom mine that, however, has long since been abandoned.

About a decade ago, the Appalachian chapter of the Clio Society posted a little history about the mushroom mines, informing us that they shut down in the 50s before converting to a mushroom farming operation. That, in turn, went by the wayside in the 70s. (Other sources indicate the mushroom farming operation began in the 60s and ended in the 80s.) Perfunctory conversations about what next to do with the mine have surfaced occasionally over the last 50 or so years, but the site remains abandoned...and possibly HAUNTED. (Begin at the 4:15 mark.)

Now, apart from the fact that Ashlyn and Zach SAID it was haunted in the video you just saw, and the fact that the mines were once within or adjacent to the town limits of Lawton (now a GHOST town), I can't find any verification about this locations hauntings.

Maybe the ghosts like it that way. I understand they do not like traffic. But if you're game, the mines await, and it doesn't seem there's anything stopping ANY amateur investigator from seeing what they can see...otherworldly or not.

DISCLAIMER: Townsquare Media strongly discourages the investigation of abandoned or private property or land without the express permission of the owner.

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