When I was looking for colleges, I didn't consider any schools that were too far away to drive home. I still had lots of friends who were staying in Owensboro, and I have always been close to my parents, so I wanted to be able to come visit whenever I wanted.

Even then, flights were more expensive than my college student budget could handle. Nowadays, that is an even bigger chunk of change when you consider inflated pricing of not just airfare, but the cost of everyday living. Ramen noodles remain the star of a student's diet these days.

Well, if you are a college kid or you have a kid in college, Amazon's got your back. They announced that starting today, December 5th, "For the first time ever, StudentUniverse is offering Prime Student members a limited number of $25 flights to and from home for the holidays, just in time to celebrate the season with family and friends. This offer is an exciting addition to the incredible savings, convenience, and entertainment, Prime Student members have access to year-round."

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All Prime student members need to do is go to the Prime Student x StudentUniverse page to book select flights while tickets last! 1,000 tickets will be available each day starting today at 8 AM Central through December 7th. "Once those 3,000 tickets are claimed, StudentUniverse will run a trailing promotional offer, which will give Prime Student members $25 off flights with a promotional code. Terms and conditions apply." Check out the website for more information on flight details and other great deals for students.

Safe travels to all students traveling home for the holidays! Now ace those finals!

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