More Kentuckians are closer to the 2024 total solar eclipse than they were in 2017, even though the path seven years ago went through a small portion of the Commonwealth.


This year, however, the path of totality not only covers a bit of Kentucky, it practically straddles the northern state line.

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With that kind of accessibility, you can expect many enthusiasts from Kentucky will hit the road for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway. But travelers to sites in the path are being warned ahead of their journey...STOCK UP.

USA Today reports that warnings are being issued to travelers planning to head to any of hundreds of viewing sites for the total solar eclipse on April 8th. Clearly, the risk of heavy to severe traffic issues is real. Roads that are closest to the center of the path of totality figure to be especially jammed up. In Texas, a state of emergency has actually been issued:

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And in Lorain County OH, emergency management is urging eclipse watchers to load up on water, food, and gas ahead of the possibility of an inundation of tourists that could seriously strap resources. Cell phone signal disruption is a distinct possiblity, as are increased wait times at hospitals.

Lorain County is in northern Ohio and part of the Cleveland metropolitan area. It's population is north of 300,000, so county officials are accustomed to a much higher population than we are in my neck of the woods. And still the warnings went out.

Here's the thing, though. With the 2024 total solar eclipse featuring a wider path of totality than the one in 2017, more and more people will want to make the trip to soak it all in. Those pilgrimages are happening, and those making them need to be prepared for more than they may have realized.

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