I have to admit that the making of this list was inspired by a fart joke. I recently saw a Tiktok video where a man asked his Amazon Echo AKA "Alexa" if she farted. Well, she came back with "If you're the denier, you must be the supplier," which I haven't heard since middle school, but it still makes me giggle! So I got to thinking about what other funny or interesting tricks Ms. Alexa may have up her sleeve. Here is are the best ones I discovered.

 1. Alexa, what is a random number between 1 and 100? Let Alexa help you decide where to have dinner or settle an argument amongst your kiddos by having them pick a number. Whoever Alexa is closest to wins!

2. Alexa, flip a coin. Same idea! Can't decide what movie to watch? Let her do it for you.

3. Alexa, drumroll, please. Build up some drama for a family announcement!

4. Alexa, play ReveilleIf you want to make your kids and spouse REALLY happy with you, you can have Alexa wake them up like they're at camp with a rousing rendition of the famous trumpet song.

5. Alexa, insult me. She has some sick burns for a robot! This heifer rated me a 1/10!

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6. Alexa, what should I make for dinner? If you are stumped as to what to make for dinner, she can help you decide! Ask her for easy meal ideas and she will help inspire you. Every time I have tried this, she has tempted me with a recipe for chocolate chip cookies first. Such a bad influence! If you have an Echo Show, she will even show you a video tutorial if you need it.

7. Alexa, sing me a song. This one is pretty sweet. Not only, does she sing with her own voice, but it's a song "she wrote."

8. Alexa, send a hug. If you want to send some love to a friend or family member who also has an Alexa device, you can ask her to send one of your contacts a squeeze.

9. Alexa, prank me.

10. Alexa, teach me a prank. I don't want to spoil those two for you, but they are funny!

11. Alexa, beatbox for me. I highly recommend this trick if you want to lay down some sweet bars or just enjoy her impressive skills.

12. Alexa, play Song Quiz. We have so much fun playing games with Alexa.  Rollins loves 20 questions and the Akinator where she tries to guess what you are thinking of.  It blows my mind sometimes how she can guess the random thing on our minds. There are lots of games you can play with her that are so much fun! A lot of them test your trivia knowledge. Some of our favorites are Rock, Paper, Scissors, bingo, and Jeopardy. The Games, Trivia & Accessories section of the Alexa app can help you find the game you want to play.

13. Alexa, give me a round of applause.

14. Alexa, tell me a joke

15. Alexa, tell me a fun fact.

And, of course, Alexa, did you fart? She can also make a lovely assortment of fart noises for your entertainment.

@sher.a.reed Alexa, did you just fart? #alexa #fart #fyp #funny #whisper #lol ♬ original sound - sher.a.reed


Don't forget, she will also play your favorite radio station! Just say "Alexa, play 92.5 WBKR.) Are there any other tips or tricks you enjoy that I should add to the list?

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