There are a lot of wonderful small towns in the Midwest, and each has its own set of cozy restaurants, beautiful parks, and more. I spent most of my early life in a small Indiana community and enjoyed it very much. Looking back, there wasn't a lot to do as a teenager, but it did make for some great memories with my high school buddies. We really had to get "creative" in order to keep ourselves occupied and, of course, out of trouble.

Walmart was a staple in our little town and essentially served as our "mall" before we could drive and make the hike to Eastland Mall in Evansville. Along with Walmart, we had our favorite local restaurants. Mine was a little diner that served some of the best fried catfish I've ever had. I still visit every chance I get. Aside from limited food options and our hometown retailer, we mainly hung out at the local park until the gate closed, and it was time to go home.

As much as I love my hometown, it was not featured on USA Today's 10 Best Small Towns in the Midwest. The list was compiled by editors of USA Today, who asked their readers to vote for their favorite midwest small town with a population of 25,000 people or less. While my community didn't make the cut, there are a couple of Hoosier towns that did, and one of those just so happens to be sitting at number one.

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Before taking a look at number one, let's check out the fifth town on the list: Vevay, Indiana. This Hoosier community is located in Switzerland County along the Ohio River. USA Today says Vevay dates all the way back to 1802, when it was founded by Swiss immigrants. The town even holds a "Swiss Wine Festival" every year and still features an original mansion built in 1874. I can honestly say I've never been to Vevay, but it looks like it's worth a visit.

Now, checking in at number one on USA Today's 10 Best Small Towns in the Midwest is Madison, Indiana. This small Midwest town features an abundance of waterfalls and other scenery along the Ohio River. It's even home to the Rockin Thunder River Tour, which offers different levels of river exploration for adventure seekers. Along with the beauty, it's also got a little bit of history, as it's where many locals helped with the success of the Underground Railroad. It's safe to say the folks over in Madison were very thrilled with the news.

Here is the full list of USA Today's 10 Best Small Towns in the Midwest:

  • 10 - Winterset, Iowa
  • 9 -  Dyersville, Iowa
  • 8 - Traverse City, Michigan
  • 7 - Mitchell, South Dakota
  • 6 - Put-in-Bay, Ohio
  • 5 - Vevay, Indiana
  • 4 - Petoskey, Michigan
  • 3 - Council Grove, Kansas
  • 2 - Marysville, Kansas
  • 1 - Madison, Indiana

What small towns do you think should be considered?

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