Residents in Warrick and Posey counties in Indiana are being asked to report storm damage from April 2nd to state officials. Here's how you can do that.

As you know, Tuesday, April 2nd saw a lot of nasty weather in southern Indiana. We saw some very strong severe thunderstorms with powerful straight-line winds, as well as several tornado warnings throughout the day. The storms caused a lot of damage to homes, especially in Posey and Warrick counties. There is a lot of damage to roofs that have been removed, barns, and sheds that have been destroyed. Some folks are still without power as a result of these storms. Now, families are looking to recover from these damages, and state officials are asking residents of those two counties, as well as Clark County residents to contact them to report any damages caused by the April 2nd storms.

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How to Report April 2nd Storm Damage in Warrick and Posey Counties

Indiana 211 is accepting damage reports for the April 2nd severe storms in Clark, Posey, and Warrick counties. For those who are unaware, Indiana 211 is a division of FSSA, which is a free information and referral service that connects Hoosiers with help and answers for human services.

Residents of these counties are asked to report any damage caused by the storms to help establish a comprehensive assessment of damage. According to a recent Facebook post from Posey County Emergency Management:

Collecting assessments via this process will help IDHS determine damage estimates and develop the next course of action in the disaster recovery process.
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Currently, only residents in Clark, Posey, and Warrick counties should contact Indiana 211 for April 2nd storm damage reports. Other counties are asked to reach out to their local emergency manager. Agricultural damage should be reported to the Purdue Extension.

You can contact Indiana 211 by calling  866-211-9966 to report severe storm damage from April 2, 2024. You can also report storm damage to Indiana 211 on their website by clicking here.

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