Another West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is in the books and except for a round of rain through most of the day on Thursday, the weather was nearly perfect the entire week bringing thousands of residents to Franklin Street to eat the vast variety of food options available from the over 130 booths, ride rides, play games, and see friends and family they may not have seen since last year's festival. Of course, they also came out looking for the chance to have their lives changed by winning a huge amount of cash from the super-popular Fall Festival Half Pot drawing.

2023 West Side Nut Club Fall Festival Half-Pot Sets New Record

When ticket sales concluded at 8:00 PM on Saturday, residents looking for a life-changing payday helped balloon the 2023 jackpot to an incredible $1,823,320, surpassing last year's total by $183,450. This year's final total means that whoever holds the winning ticket number instantly becomes $911,660 richer.

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For the first time since being introduced to the festival in 2019, this year's final total was boosted by the Club's decision to sell tickets before the start of the event. Ticket booths were set up in the empty parking lot at the corner of the Lloyd Expressway and St. Joe Avenue across from Bristol-Meyers last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before being relocated to their regular spots on Franklin Street last Sunday. Additionally, the Club opted to extend ticket sales until 8:00 PM on Saturday to help push the total higher. In previous years, sales ended at 2:00 PM on the final day of the festival. Based on the record-setting total, it's clear changes helped, and I have to think it will become a regular part of the drawing moving forward.

And the Winner Is...


Due to the extension of sales on Saturday evening, the Club pushed back the announcement of the winning number to the day after the conclusion of the festival (until this year, the winning number was announced following the conclusion of the main parade). That drawing took place from the Club's office during a live stream on its social channels.

So, who's the winner? It's the person holding this ticket number:

As with every year, the other half of the jackpot will stay with the West Side Nut Club which will distribute it to various non-profit organizations, schools, and community groups in the form of grants

Congratulations to the winner. Check the official rules on the Nut Club website to find out how to claim your prize.

See How the West Side Nut Club Cleans Up After the Fall Festival

Nearly every one of the 300 active Club members jumps into action early Sunday morning to start tearing down and clean up the mess left behind by the thousands of attendees over the course of the six-day event. But, it's far more than just picking up trash.

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