Here are Nita Strauss 10 favorite guitarists of the last 10 years.

Strauss has become one of the biggest names to emerge in the rock/metal guitar world in the 21st century, and she even extended her talents over to the pop realm as part of Demi Lovato's backing band on a tour last year. Of course, she's been a fixture in the Alice Cooper live lineup since 2011 (his backing band also got to help write the shock rock legend's new album The Road) and, stacking the deck even more, Strauss just dropped her second solo record, The Call of the Void.

Did we mention she's the house guitarist for the NFL's Los Angeles Rams as well?

These accolades mean Strauss is overqualified when it comes to assessing the pool of exciting guitarists who aren't the same household names you've read about for decades and we're thrilled to have her here with us to help lift up all of these worthy musicians.

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The Call of the Void showcases a lot of techniques Strauss doesn't employ in Alice Cooper, unleashing some shredding metal fury across 13 tracks that also have an occasional lean toward hard rock and punk. It's all heavy and features a ton of star power, including guest appearances from Alice Cooper, Marty Friedman, Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Chris Motionless (Motionless in White), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), David Draiman (Disturbed), Lilith Czar and Anders Friden (In Flames).

Check out "The Golden Trail" below and then check further below to see Nita Strauss' favorite guitarists of the last decade!

Get your copy of 'The Call of the Void' on CD or vinyl and follow Nita Strauss on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Spotify. Head here to see all of Strauss' upcoming solo dates and check this location to see where Alice Cooper will be playing.

Nita Strauss, "The Golden Trail" ft. In Flames' Anders Friden

  • Angel Vivaldi

    Style and swagger meet undeniable technique. I truly think Angel is one of the most exciting guitar players to watch and his diversity in style is mind blowing. Plus, you can’t talk about Angel without mentioning the massive strides he’s making towards creating inclusivity in the guitar scene.

  • Yvette Young (Covet)

    Yvette’s musicality and soft, lilting phrasing make her one of the most unique and exciting guitar players I know. Whether alone or with her band Covet, on guitar or piano, she truly exudes her emotions in her playing.

  • Lari Basilio

    Lari is the deadly combo of versatile session player and accomplished solo artist that makes the guitar world stand up and take notice. Whether shredding alongside major artists or her own solo work, she’s incredible at what she does.

  • Jason Richardson (solo, All That Remains, ex-Born of Osiris, ex-Chelsea Grin)

    You can’t have a conversation about the best modern shred guitarists without Jason’s name being brought up. His chops make every guitar player in the room applaud furiously while quietly going, “Oh, fuck.”

  • Alexandra Zener

    Alexandra is a surgeon, a true technician of guitar. I first learned about her from a Jason Becker cover and got sucked into her impeccable solo music. I’m even a paying member of her Patreon page because I love her stuff so much!

  • Tim Henson + Scott LePage (Polyphia)

    I hate to lump two such great guitar players in with each other, but I needed room on the list and what these two are doing for the world of guitar playing is absolutely undeniable. There aren’t a lot of people you can truly say are changing the game, and they are.

  • Gretchen Menn (solo, Zepparella tribute band)

    Not many guitar players switch from shredding Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin classics (complete with bow) to classical acoustic as seamlessly as Gretchen does. Her grace and poise while playing incredibly difficult pieces are a constant inspiration to me.

  • Wolfgang Van Halen (Mammoth WVH)

    While not exactly new on the scene, I don’t think many of us really realized what Wolfgang could really do until the last few years. He has left absolutely no doubt as to his playing and songwriting, regardless of last name.

  • Nili Brosh (solo, Dethklok, Tony MacAlpine)

    From Dethklok to Tony MacAlpine, Cirque du Soleil to Danny Elfman to her jazzy, progressive solo material and teaching at Berklee College of Music, Nili is truly one of the most versatile and accomplished guitar players on the scene. My most impressive Nili memory: We did a clinic together several years ago, where she asked the audience what song they would like to hear from any of her solo albums as the last song of the night, and then played the requested song — note for freaking note, not a slide or bend out of place.

  • Jared James Nichols

    Jared assaults every stage he plays on like a viking conqueror storming an enemy beach, yet somehow remaining affable and good natured throughout. His soul, tone and vibrato rival any career blues player. As an aside, I still refuse to believe he does all that without using a pick.

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