Not all tattoo art is created equal, and the internet has been busy with dirty jokes about some of the more elaborate throat tattoos of late.

Tattoo art can be a very personal thing, but there are instances of tattoos that you just simply can't take your eyes off of and are begging for commentary. And several of those tattoos have been drawing comments from users on X, cracking jokes when initially being asked to come up with some captions for the visuals.

The trend seemed to start with a person posting a pretty intriguing piece of body art that shows train tracks leading into a tunnel around the throat of one man. "There's an awesome caption for this, I just can't think of it rn." And yes, some commenters took it in a sexual direction, dropping a number of oral sex references. We recommend you don't search "Throat Goat." Just saying.

Get a closer look at some of the responses below:

  • Throat goat.
  • Conductor We Have a Throater
  • Deep Throat.
  • His throat got railed and needs a train on it.
  • Deep tunnel throat.
  • Running a train on a throat.
  • Mans said many men labored on this throat.
  • Throat been highly trained.
  • Throat to Busan is crazy.
  • It’s all fun and games until the road runner runs right through his neck :/
  • The throat that could.
  • Bro got an adventurous throat.
  • He can never eat a glizzy again.

More Throat Tattoo Jokes

The throat jokes didn't stop there as someone introduced a throat tattoo on an hourglass with the sand ticking away. "Nah timeless throat is pure madness," noted the original poster.

  • He said his throat ready at any time.
  • How much for 1 hour? Asking for a friend.
  • He tryin' to say he can keep it in his throat for a long time.
  • What If he's running out of throat?
  • He said throat flies by.
  • He must really like the soap opera "Days of Our Lives."
  • Boy said his throat gives you wings.

This Throat's on Call

Yet another throat tattoo drew plenty of comments, with the artwork's use of multiple skulls starting the jokes rolling. The initial poster likened it to a Call of Duty killstreak.

  • Tank might send me to the shadow realm with his right hook if he sees this.
  • Not the deathly swallows.
  • Bro swallowed 3 souls.
  • You got that killer throat.
  • Throat took 3 souls and is looking to collect more.
  • Soul snatching throat is insane.

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Crown the King

Is this the king of all neck tattoos? The original poster simply left three gorilla emojis. But since the original posting, the tweet is now no longer embeddable. So get a closer look here followed by some of the comments.

  • We have the final boss here: The Throat King
  • I know it's big.
  • Longest neck in the world.
  • All hail the throat king.
  • King throat is wild.

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