Here are the seven original songs that Ghost have never performed live.

Since their humble launch in 2010 with their debut album Opus Eponymous, Ghost have gone from spooky, theatrical word-of-mouth attraction to being the biggest new band of their generation of heavy music.

Creative visionary and frontman Tobias Forge is methodical in his approach to Ghost in the studio, onstage and behind the scenes. Even when it comes to songwriting, he carefully crafts music to fit different moods and themes that can be represented onstage.

Perhaps this helps reason why Ghost have played almost their entire catalog live, as does the band's rapid rise to success and longer set times necessitating playing more material during a time where they had only released a couple of albums.

But even as Ghost's career has continued to the tune of five full length albums and an assortment of EPs (mostly containing covers), Forge has been keen on giving fans more than just the singles.

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The true number of original Ghost songs that have never been performed live is actually a bit less than seven as some of these tracks are intros or instrumental interludes that have been played onstage as a pre-recorded track.

We've included them anyway, but it means only a couple of proper songs have never been played legitimately live. Can you guess which ones? Find out below!

There Are Only Seven Ghost Songs That Have Never Been Played Live

Ghost have played almost their entire catalog of original material live.

IMPORTANT: Cover songs are not included.

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Note: songs that were played as part of a medley and cover songs were not considered for this list. Only full performances of individual songs were taken into account.

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