Someone actually got a "What the fuck is up, Denny's?!" tattoo in commemoration of the legendary hardcore meme, and it's great, although that's quite a commitment.

Tattoo artist Kevin Leary, who works at Great Lakes Tattoo in Chicago, shared a photo of the tattoo a few days ago, though he didn't share any details about who received the ink.

The tattoo features a Denny's Grand Slam, one of their popular breakfast menu selections that comes with two pancakes, two eggs, two sausage links and two strips of bacon. The phrase, "What the fuck is up, Denny's?!" is written around the plate, "circle pit" is written on the edge of the plate and the artwork is complete with a set of utensils.

"Own up, which one of you got this?" someone wrote with a screenshot of the tattoo on the Hardcore Reddit page.

"Definitely got into hardcore post-covid," someone replied.

See the photo of the tattoo below.

The tattoo pays homage to Live Without's viral 2013 performance at a Denny's restaurant in Houston, Texas.

According to the video on the band's YouTube channel, a few members approached the owners of the Denny's and asked if they could play a small show there because the restaurant was closing. They reportedly charged  $1 entrance fee and allowed the owners to keep the proceeds.

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Live Without dubbed the performance "The Denny's Grand Slam" after the breakfast offering, which is likely why the tattoo is of a Grand Slam.

In the middle of the performance, the vocalist, whose name is Kris, shouted "What the fuck is up, Denny's?!" and it's been a famous meme within the hardcore scene ever since.

Other bands have recreated their own version of the performance, including Blink-182, who performed at a Denny's in Long Beach, California this past October.

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